Learning Outcome


LO 1

Uphold professionalism, moral, ethical, and legal aspects, in the practice of pharmacy

LO 2

Able to perform pharmaceutical care to patients with consider to legal, ethical, professional, sociocultural, and economic aspects to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of therapy

LO 3

Able  to serve the demand of pharmaceutical and medical devices, either by prescription or non-prescription, accurately and safely

LO 4

Able to manage pharmaceutical and medical devices, according to prevailing standards

LO 5

Able to perform formulation, manufacturing and quality assurance of pharmaceutical preparations, on the basis of pharmaceutical science and technology

LO 6

Able to communicate and collaborate with patients, colleagues, and other health professionals, related to rational drug therapy, in order to achieve improved health and quality of life

LO 7

Being able to participate in preventive and promotive efforts to improve the quality of public health

LO 8

Able to be introspective and to do self development according to the development of pharmaceutical science and technology